General Information

This ruleset and information can change at any time, we do recommend that you keep up to date with what is happening to ensure a smooth experience on the tournament day.

As per usual, our strict no cheating policy applies here – this includes collusion with other parties to determine match results, stream-sniping, third-party program assistance (with includes but is not limited to aimbots, triggerbotting, wallhacks, map hacks, etc).

If we cannot reach the minimum number required for the lobby, the tournament will be cancelled and all entries refunded.


Tournament will commence at 7PM AEST on the tournament day (24th of November, 2020) – the lobby will be created ten minutes prior to allow people to join.

The tournament will have four rounds, each round starting ten minutes after the previous one completed.

At the completion of the four rounds, the points will be tallied and the winner determined.


All competitors across different platforms allowed – this includes Xbox, PS4, and PC, and all control methods are allowed as well (controller or keyboard + mouse).

Players will need to join our Discord ( and submit screenshots at the end of each rounds completion in the tournament channel dedicated for this Warzone tournament.

We will also require players to make recordings of their game play, and to either submit or make them viewable for tournament admins if requested.

Streaming is permitted, although we do ban stream-sniping we recommend setting a delay if possible to help assist with tournament integrity.


Placing in the top five in each round will earn points:

1st – 5 points
2nd – 4 points
3rd – 3 points
4th – 2 points
5th – 1 points

Each kill secured equals one point.