Ruleset for EOT Valorant Tournaments


This ruleset is a general one and builds on top of what we have as parts of our terms of use and privacy policy as listed on our website at We may miss out on some information in both this ruleset and general terms – any rulings made outside of these regulations and rules may be done at any time under admin discretion.

Captains will need to join the Discord – – players in a team are welcome to join, however it is not necessary.


Stage One – Seeded Groups, Round Robin (Group A, Group B, four teams in each) – Two Bo1s played between each team, no overtime

Stage Two – Single Elimination Finals Bracket – Bo3 series, overtime enabled


We will be running a rolling schedule during Saturday (e.g. if matches finish earlier then we will push matches to begin earlier).

Saturday 12th of December

8AM – arrival of morning group for setup and preparation

8:50AM – commencement of vetoes and preparing match servers

9AM – start of first match

11:00AM – commencement of vetoes and preparing match servers

11:10AM – start of second match

1:10PM – lunch break

2:10PM – commencement of vetoes and preparing match servers

2:20PM – start of third match

4:20PM – Intermission, cleanup, changeover of computers if necessary.

4:30PM – Start of semifinal vetoes

4:40PM – start of semifinals 

7PM dinner break

7:45PM – Vetos for finals

8:00PM – Finals Start

Custom Room Settings

The Higher seeded captain has responsibility for opening a match-room.

Map: To what is vetoed

Mode: Standard

Server: Sydney 1 or Sydney 2

Allows Cheats: Off

Tournament Mode: On

Overtime – Win by Two – Off (For Group Stage) – On (For semifinals onwards)

Play Out all Rounds – Off

Bracket Progression

Top two of each groups progress to semifinals.

Wins are considered for each map, not the overall series.

A won map is three points, a drawn map is considered one point, and a lost map is worth no points.

In the case of a tie, a head to head result is first considered, then a for/against round difference in the group.

Map Pool and Agents

Icebox, Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Split.

All agents released before the 28th of November can be used.

Vetoes and Stage Formats

Stage One – Two Best of Ones

Higher Seed Picks Team A or Team B

A ban, B ban, A pick (B Picks side), B pick (A Picks Side)

Stage Two – Best of Three

Higher Seed Picks Team A or Team B.

Higher Seed only exists in quarter-finals, seeding is determined by coin toss for semi-finals and finals.

A ban, B ban, A pick (B picks side), B pick (A picks side), remainder played (team A picks side)

General Rules

No cheating/injection of unauthorised third-party programs which artificially assist gameplay (this includes but is not limited to aimbots, triggerbots, wall hacks, etc.)

Pauses can be used for both tactical and technical. Please flag an admin if there is a technical issue. For a tactical pause, you are allowed to call two per match – of two minutes each. Time is reliant on integrity and honesty from both parties.

No stream sniping of any kind.

No toxicity within the chat (banter is acceptable).

Please be ready to veto on time and start the game on time as well – any delays outside of tech issues past five minutes may incur an infraction and penalty.

And as always, the admins are there to assist. We ultimately may make a call at admin’s discretion, however this call will always be done with competitive integrity and fairness in mind.

Captains will be required to allow streamers/admins into the games, if this is a requirement the admin team will advise the captain beforehand.

Infractions and Penalties

Severe infractions (including cheating of any kind) can lead to immediate suspension and forfeiture of your spot, with no entry fees returned.

Minor infractions (delayed start to the game, toxicity, etc) can lead to round penalties within a game. Depending on the severity of the minor infraction, this can lead to multiple rounds. These rounds are applied after a match has completed.

If a team wins a match, however loses in round points after the penalty has been applied, the team with the higher round points will be considered the winner of the match.

Streaming Rules

Games may be streamed by partners or community members who reach out prior to admins – we are happy to keep our games open and for people of the community to cover the matches. The games covered by our community partners are theirs to use for both showreels and content!

We ask that all streamers keep their streams friendly and to ensure toxicity does not occur in their channels, especially in chat.

We will try and assign games to commentators in a fair and balanced manner, and will reserve the final say in which games they will be assigning to casters in the case of disputes.

We may also ask streamers for their analytics for the period on where they are covering our games.