General Introduction

This ruleset is a general one and builds on top of what we have as parts of our terms of use and privacy policy as listed on our website at We may miss out on some information in both this ruleset and general terms – any rulings made outside of these regulations and rules may be done at any time under admin discretion.


Stage One – Seeded Groups, Round Robin (Group A, Group B, four teams in each)

Stage Two – Single Elimination Finals Bracket (Top Seed of Group A vs 2nd Seed of Group B, Top Seed of Group B vs 2nd Seed of Group A, winners play in finals).

Map Pool

Map pool will mirror what Valve has as their official map pool. However, if there are changes to the map pool in the week prior to the event, we will retain the pre-existing map pool to allow for competitive integrity.

Currently, the official map pool is – Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, Train, Nuke, Overpass, and Vertigo.

Vetoes and Stage Formats

Stage One – Best of One, knife for sides

Higher Seed Picks Team A or Team B

A Ban, B Ban, A Ban, B Ban, A Ban, B Ban, remaining map played

Stage Two – Best of Three – For maps selected, the opposing team gets to pick sides, remaining map is knife for sides.

Higher Seed Picks Team A or Team B.

Higher Seed only exists in semifinals, seeding is determined by coin toss for finals.

General Rules

No cheating/injection of unauthorised third-party programs which artificially assist gameplay (this includes but is not limited to aimbots, triggerbots, wall hacks, etc.)

No stream sniping of any kind

No toxicity within the chat (banter is acceptable)

Aliases must be easily identifiable and not content any inappropriate content

Please be ready to veto on time and start the game on time as well – any delays outside of tech issues past five minutes may incur an infraction and penalty.

Infractions and Penalties

Severe infractions (including cheating of any kind) can lead to immediate suspension and forfeiture of your spot, with no entry fees returned.

Minor infractions (delayed start to the game, toxicity, etc) can lead to round penalties within a game. Depending on the severity of the minor infraction, this could be multiple rounds.